Hilda Colondres

Hilda Colondres. October 6, 1934 - May 31, 2016. Beloved mother to Nilsa, Myrna, Yvonne, Elsa, Antonio, and Orlando.  Grandmother to Tennille, Antonio William, Jose Jamie , Samantha, Christina, Nicolas, Christian, and Madison.  Great Grandmother to Brian, Bryson, Lucas, and Mateus.  She had a special love for her son and daughter in laws, but especially for Rocky.  We would like him to know that his love for her was not un-noticed by us.  One of my mother’s favorite stories to tell was of her own mother.  One day my grandmother went out for a walk with a friend of hers.  Neither of them spoke very good English, but they adventured off anyway.  After awhile, they realized that they were lost and didn’t know what to do.  There was a police officer on a horse nearby and they walked towards him.  My grandmother looked up at him and pointed to herself and her friend.  Raised her hand above her head and swirled it like a tornado.  She was trying to tell the officer that they were walking, and going in circles and didn’t know where they were.  Every time my mother told us this story, she had a hard time telling it because she was already hysterical laughing because she envisioned her mother doing this and the police officer looking at them like they were crazy.  She was a strong simple woman, the silliest things would make her laugh, she had a hard life, and yet she always tried to endure.  She fought hard.  We are very proud of her.  We believe in God and all his mercy.  We believe that the peace, and love of God will sustain her forever and give her the life she deserved in heaven. Mass of Christian Burial Saturday 9:45 am at St. Margaret of Cortona Church, 6000 Riverdale Avenue, Bronx NY. Interment to follow at St. Raymond's Cemetery in the Bronx, NY. For those of you that asked to send flowers, we would prefer donations in my mothers name to St. Jude Children's Research