Cremation services

Riverdale-on-Hudson Funeral Home, Inc. provides low cost direct cremation services starting at $1,695.00 with a basic cremation container (plus crematory fee, death certificates and cremation permit, if applicable) as a method of caring for your loved one. Which means that families can choose a traditional full services funeral home for their cremation needs without the concerns of shopping the internet. We can also offer public or private viewing, religious service in a church, temple or a memorial service in our facility.  Many internet service providers don't offer such services. Following cremation, the cremains can be buried or entombed in the family plot, columbarium or simply returned to the family in the temporary container provided by the crematory.   Direct cremation is always a low cost option.  The choice is yours.

There are four main cremation options:

  • cremation following a traditional service, which may include viewing

  • cremation following a private family viewing only

  • cremation preceding or following a memorial service or gathering

  • cremation when a decision has been made not to have any services

At Riverdale-on-Hudson Funeral Home we are willing and able to explain all your choices.

Memorial Tribute and Donations

Today there are many ways to celebrate the life of a loved one and begin to adjust to life without them.  Memorial services and gatherings can be simplified versions of traditional services, or may be designed as something unique.

There are no absolute standards for non-traditional service. Your imagination is the limiting resource. At Riverdale-on-Hudson Funeral Home we have the experience to help you explore the alternatives which are best suited for your family.

Pictures of the deceased, memorabilia from his or her life, hobby items or mementos may be brought to the place of memorial or gathering as a way of focusing on the person being remembered.

At these memorials, friends and family often exchange favorite stories of the deceased and reflect on their life.  As long as we remember them in our minds, they will always be in our hearts.