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Losing a family member to death can be a trying experience. Grief may fill your thoughts and emotions with pain and sadness. You may look to family and friends for support in your loss. During these dark hours, some decisions need to be made on behalf of your fallen loved one. It often makes sense to hire a funeral care professional to carry the heavy burden of planning and conducting a service of remembrance. But who should you call on for such an important task? What funeral and cremation care team in Kingsbridge, NY should you request to help your family?

At Riverdale-on-Hudson Funeral Home, our team of compassionate funeral experts is mindful of the difficulties that families face during such a trying time. Your family can trust our funeral experts to guide you through the options and help you decide upon the right service choices for your lost loved one, your family, and your community.

Before hiring just any funeral home to handle the final arrangements of the fallen, you will want to take a little time to get to know something about them. Every provider is unique in their service offering and expertise, so a little research can go a long way in helping you find the best fit for your family. 

We recommend you review the following service details about each funeral provider that you are considering to engage:

Qualifications and Experience

All funeral care providers must hold licensure and appropriate certifications for the mortuary services they offer. Because of this, all funeral directors are well trained in their practice, as well as the care and service of their customers. But, these qualifications don’t necessarily mean the funeral team has the experience your family needs. Be sure to ask whether a funeral director has planned and carried out a funeral and cremation in Kingsbridge, NY that was designed for a specific faith or cultural tradition. 

Riverdale-on-Hudson Funeral Home, Inc. is well versed in traditional burial and cremation practices for several local communities, including Jewish, Spanish, and Catholic traditions. Some of these traditions encourage burial over cremation, and others are opposite in their cultural preferences. Our staff are very familiar with these distinctions and can facilitate families as they carry out the funeral services they require.


Funeral and Memorial services are intended to be a remembrance of the deceased. While ceremonies are often rich with language and tradition, any service that loses sight of the person that is being laid to rest will not be well received by those that knew the deceased in life. Those who grieve and attend a funeral come to pay their respect to their loved one. 

A good funeral team knows the importance of personalized funeral services, and will help your family to carefully balance the needs of tradition and ceremony with the personal touch that makes a funeral so meaningful. They will take time with you to discover the key details of your loved one, including their life story, character, personality, accomplishments, struggles, and triumphs. This will help them to customize the life sketch, décor, and any showcase that you may want. 

However, funeral personalization need not be extravagant. The highest priority and purpose of personalizing a funeral is to help those who to feel a personal connection in their memories and feelings for the deceased. In this way, they can find comfort and closure in a life well-lived.  

Expert Funeral and Cremation Care Services in Kingsbridge, NY

When you pick up the phone and call us, our caring staff will be there to support you and your family through this trying experience. Your fallen loved one will be cared for with the love and respect they deserve. 

As a full-service funeral home, your family will have access to a wide range of services through our company. You can choose to hold a traditional funeral service with viewing, ceremony, and casket burial. Our onsite facilities include a funeral chapel as needed. If the funeral is held at an outside venue such as a civic center or a house of worship, our staff can help to coordinate all logistical requirements. Or if preferred, you can choose cremation care with a memorial service for your deceased loved one. We can also provide direct cremation, sometimes referred to as a simple cremation. This offering is valuable to those who prefer a minimal approach to end of life services.

For more than 50 years, Riverdale-on-Hudson Funeral Home, Inc. has been helping families in the community with their funeral and cremation needs in Kingsbridge, NY. When you’re faced with the loss of someone important to you, come and see us for a conversation about your options. Call on us anytime at our funeral home located at 6110 Riverdale Ave Bronx, NY 10471. We’re just a telephone call away at (718) 884-6100.

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