Veteran services

All honorably discharged veteran's are entitled to some level of military honors at their funeral service. It can be simply two military honor guard meeting at the cemetery to play taps and fold our nation's flag. Depending on the rank and honors of the veteran, we have had a seven gun solute, color guard and band, trumpet and drums and decorated military officers presenting the flag.

We have had funeral services at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC, Calverton National Cemetery, private cemeteries and ever at West Point Academy.  Every branch of the military has their own honor guard details dressed in their formal uniforms. We handle all the arrangements. The most important document needed to make the process go smoothly is a DD-214 or Separation of Service record.

For many burial at one of our National Cemeteries is a wish. With the proper DD-214 or Separation of Service record this is possible Monday through Friday with 48 hour prior notice. Without the proper documents, it may still be possible but additional time is needed to verify service history. So please check for your papers if military honors and burial at a National Cemetery is your choice.