What to Know About Traditional Funeral and Cremation Services in Fieldston, NY

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If you’re facing the death of someone close, you may be left with the difficult task of planning and carrying out a funeral or memorial service. Most people are uncertain about how to do this in a way that meets the needs of the family and the deceased individual. How do you know what matters most? What is the right funeral and cremation service in Fieldston, NY?

There are many advantages to choosing a traditional funeral service, complete with casket burial. There are also many advantages to choosing a cremation service with interment in a mausoleum or columbarium, scattering, or safekeeping at home. By asking questions and discussing the matter in detail with our funeral team, you will come to understand some of the benefits and drawbacks of the different choices you can make on behalf of the fallen.

It’s important to remember there is no wrong way to plan and conduct a funeral remembrance service. The main objective is to help your family and friends to find a measure of comfort in their loss as you honor the life and story of the deceased. Traditional burial and cremation services can be customized according to the cultural and religious customs of the individual and family. Riverdale-on-Hudson Funeral Home is highly experienced in Jewish, Spanish, Catholic, and other traditional end of life services. 

With these things in mind, here are several points to consider as you being the process of choosing the best service choice:

Benefits of Traditional Funerals

Traditional funerals are appreciated for their inclusion of final visitations and goodbyes, a funeral remembrance service, and graveside committal ceremony. While there are no absolutes about what must be included, these are the most common elements of this type of service. 

  • Viewing: Often referred to as visitation, or a wake service, this is an opportunity for family and friends who knew and loved the deceased to meet together to pay final respects to the deceased. It provides a place of support for those who grieve their loss and to feel they are not alone in their pain. It also provides a place where people can gather and witness the reality that their loved one has died. This is a powerful benefit in helping survivors to draw closure and begin adjusting to life without their loved one present. 

  • Funeral or Remembrance Service: This gathering of mourners provides a venue where the person who has died can be honored in memory. It is a chance to celebrate a life well-lived, and to remember the deceased for their life and character, their stories, and accomplishments. Those who attend the service often find meaning in the occasion by reflecting on the life of the fallen and internalizing the traits they admire and wish to emulate. 

  • Graveside Committal Ceremony: When included as part of a traditional funeral service, family and friends give their final farewells as the casket is laid to rest. In some services, they can participate in the burial by tossing handfuls of earth onto the lowered casket. It reminds all of the finality of life and death, and the wonder of our opportunity to live at all. The grave is marked, and individuals can return again to visit their loved one as needed. 

Benefits of Cremation Service

By choosing a funeral and cremation in Fieldston, NY, you receive several benefits that are otherwise not available as part of a traditional funeral service.

  • Cost: The price of cremation is much less than a traditional funeral service. The financial burden of an elaborate funeral can be difficult to bear. Cremation is a reasonable alternative that can be a wise choice for the disposition of your loved one.

  • Environment: If a direct cremation or simple cremation is chosen, there is no need to embalm the body with preserving fluids. No casket with metal and material is buried in the earth. These facts make cremation less pollutive. 

  • Memorial: A traditional funeral is planned and carried out quickly because the deceased’s remains are present. But with cremation, it is possible to take additional time to plan the memorial, since the body will not be present after cremation.

  • Transportable: Unlike a burial, the ashes of your loved one can be kept close and moved with you in an urn if you were ever to move.

Quality Funeral and Cremation Support in Fieldston, NY

Although difficult, taking the time to work with a funeral care professional will help you to discover the right course for your family and lost loved one. Riverdale-on-Hudson Funeral Home, Inc. is here to do just that. If you need funeral and cremation service in Fieldston, NY, call us for a conversation about how we can serve your family today. Our funeral home can be found at 6110 Riverdale Ave Bronx, NY 10471. Call today at (718) 884-6100.

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