Finding the Right Funeral and Cremation Provider in Bronx, NY

In the hours following a family death, you may feel a mix of emotions and uncertainty about what steps to take next. How will you ever manage? Who can you trust with the care of your loved one’s remains? What support options are available to help you through this life-changing event? Thankfully if you’re looking for funeral and cremation care in Bronx, NY, help is available. 

At Riverdale-on-Hudson Funeral Home, Inc., our compassionate funeral care team stands ready to offer guidance and support. We aim to customize every funeral to meet the needs of the individuals and families that we serve. In our view, every funeral is an opportunity to honor the life of a fallen loved one and to begin healing the pain of loss that so many people feel in such circumstances. That’s why the funeral care provider you choose to support your family is so important. 

When the time comes to search for a funeral home that will meet your family’s needs, consider these important details before you make your final decision who to engage for help:

  • Services: Each funeral home is unique in its offerings and capabilities. Like most industries, it is a good idea to specialize in a particular skill or service. Some funeral providers provide full-service funerals with earth burial but are not able to provide cremation services onsite. Others can offer both funeral and cremation in Bronx, NY and can even provide direct cremation or simple cremation service. Be sure to ask for details and choose a provider that offers the care services you need.

  • Pricing: Every family has different needs when it comes to their funeral budget. The law requires that every funeral home publish a general price list for the public to review and evaluate. This makes it easier to quickly compare pricing for the funeral homes you are considering to use. Although the price is not the only thing that should be reviewed when hiring a funeral home, it is an important one. 

  • Experience: Like all businesses, experience and knowledge vary among service providers. Every funeral director and their staff are mandated to be licensed and certified in their practice, but that does not mean they understand all possible funeral styles and practices. Traditional Burial and Cremation Services, including Jewish, Spanish, Catholic, etc. are unique in their cultural requirements. If a provider is not familiar with the particular faith or cultural traditions that you need, keep looking for someone who can. There are several excellent providers with expertise in community needs. 

  • Interaction: When you are interviewing potential funeral directors, take note of how they make you feel as you work together. Are they helpful? Do they listen to your needs and the specifics of your situation? Are they willing to engage with you and explore how to plan the best funeral service for your loved one? Are they compassionate and caring in your loss? If any of these things are amiss, you may need to look elsewhere.

  • Facilities: The funeral home itself is a hub of activity during a funeral service. If you intend to utilize the space for the funeral or memorial service itself, take the time to walk through the building and consider if it will meet the needs of your family. Ask yourself, is there enough space for family and friends to gather for a viewing? A funeral service? A memorial service? A chapel service?

  • Products: Most funeral homes offer funeral goods on-site in support of the occasion. This may include urns, caskets, vaults, floral services, etc. Often, the home can offer headstones or grave markers to the family as well. Look over these products and evaluate if you find anything appropriate for your deceased loved one. If you don’t, do not stress. You are not required to buy any of the products offered by the home. It is simply for your convenience — something to think about. 

  • Funeral Personalization: Death is a part of life. Whenever families and friends gather to lay a loved one to rest, they each come looking for meaning and connection with the deceased. Personalization can provide that. No one comes to a funeral for the service; they come for the relationship with that person. Make sure your funeral provider is experienced at customizing the funeral ceremony to honor the memory of the fallen. 

Consider a Full-Service Funeral and Cremation Provider in Bronx, NY

For more than 50 years, Riverdale-on-Hudson Funeral Home, Inc. has been providing compassionate support to the families of the community. It is a great privilege to serve and care for the deceased, while consoling the living. When your family needs funeral and cremation support in Bronx, NY, come and see us. Our funeral home is located at 6110 Riverdale Ave Bronx, NY 10471. Call today for a conversation at (718) 884-6100.

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