Jeanette Iannucci

A Tribute to our Mother

Jeanette Iannucci died at 9 PM Monday, February 22.  She was ninety two years of age, and she was beloved by her family and her friends.  Five months earlier Vince, her husband of sixty seven years and a pillar of the Yonkers community, also died.  Our family remembered him in an open letter called A Beautiful Life. He was able to live and share that life because of Jeanette.  Born and raised in Baltimore, Jeanette married Vince and moved to Yonkers where they raised a family together, a family of children and grand children and great grandchildren. Her family was her center, and she was her family's strength.  While Vince was boisterous and energetic, Jeanette was wonderfully calm.  It is telling that a lifetime of photographs, the story of our family, reveals none of her alone.  If not smiling together with Vince, she was smiling at one of us, always supportive, always behind us, always allowing us the freedom to learn and become ourselves.  It's no wonder then that one of her grand daughters once wrote, "I want to be just like you."  Our mom was our role model, and we can truly say that she was appreciated throughout her life.  She will be revered for the rest of ours. She taught us the meaning of grace and she defined dignity.  For the last five months we realize she had been saying her quiet goodbyes. Ever the Perfect Partner, she's back home with Vince, now and forever.  Reposing Thursday 6-9 pm at Riverdale-on-Hudson Funeral Home 6110 Riverdale Ave., Bronx.  Mass of Christian Burial Friday 9:45 am at St. Margaret of Cortona Church.  Entombment Ferncliff Cemetery.